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ok, hear me out on this: elf!hawke

  • elf!hawke pulling their sword/daggers/murder knife on the human that has the nerve to call them knife-ear after they’ve had a long day of looting and killing and are completely done taking everyone’s bullshit, only backing down when the human apologizes, and laughing when varric comments on how ironic the situation is.
  • elf!hawke listening intently as merrill tells them about the dalish, about their culture and beliefs, and a mage elf!hawke being quite honestly amazed as merrill also tells them what it’s like to be the keeper’s first, to be in a place where magic isn’t regarded with fear or scrutiny.
  • elf!hawke giving anders a strange look when they overhear him mention the name surana, and coming to learn more suranas were out there besides their mother and her family, and that this surana had become the hero of ferelden.
  • elf!hawke shocking the people of kirkwall when they gain enough influence and money to buy the very estate their mother had served in; when they become the champion of kirkwall; when their name becomes that of a legend in elven alienages around thedas.






I am so fucking glad that they didn’t force these two into a romantic relationship.


it’s even better when you remember, that every second they are not dying, she keeps trying to hook him up with any girl, she’s his wingwoman

She’s his Barney Stinson.

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Steve?

"Not this game again Tasha, we are not playing-"
"Haaaaaaavvve you met Steve?"
"…. hi."

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